Common Symptoms of Heart Disease

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Basically, the common symptoms suffered by people who have heart disease, caused by the lack of blood that supplies oxygen to the heart due to impaired cardiac function.

Common Symptoms of Heart Disease :

  • Angina - Is a pain or pressure in the chest. 
  • Arrhythmia - is a term used to indicate conditions such as heart rhythm disturbances that can cause palpitations (abnormal heart beats).
Angina and arrhythmias caused by lack of blood supply that carries oxygen to the heart muscle. Usually followed by other symptoms such as dizziness, prolonged fatigue, nausea, cold sweats, and shortness of breath. These symptoms may be early warnings of the risk of heart attack. Unfortunately, those who experience these symptoms often think of it as ordinary colds, is often made of first aid to be late and very harmful consequences, why ?

When a heart attack (myocardial infarction) occurs, the heart muscle will die when deprived of blood supply. And unlike other tissues, the heart muscle can not regenerate. Therefore, the longer the attack and did not immediately addressed, it will be more and more also in permanent damage to the heart muscle. Even if left unchecked can lead to death. When the symptoms of a heart attack arise, it is important to seek immediate medical assistance due to the risk of death is greatest within one hour after the attack. 


Rapid treatment can save heart muscle from damage that can not be repaired. The more heart muscle is saved, the more effective will be re-pumping after the heart attack. Given the danger of life-threatening heart disease, prevent or reduce the risk of heart disease is the best way, in addition to keeping diet and regular exercise, herbal supplements are very helpful.

Some herbal remedies such as Sarang Semut (ant nests), believed to prevent heart disease and also help cure heart disease.

Heal Heart Disease Using Papua Ants Nests

Sarang Semut - local languages ​​to house ants - is ants nests are circular rather oval in which there is a circular band-ring that is found in Papua, Indonesia. Papuan society from the past have used this anthill to treat various diseases.

Apparently, this ant nest can be used as an alternative treatment for coronary heart recovery. Quoted from, in the ant nest contained flavonoids, tocopherols, phenolic, and rich in minerals that act as anti-oxidants and can treat coronary heart disease.


Anti-oxidants have a very important benefit, to ward off free radicals, so that the body is susceptible to disease. The second benefit, more particularly, to treat coronary heart disease.

For patients with coronary heart disease, can try this natural remedy. People of Papua (Indonesia) has been used as a medicine from ancient times. Traditional medicine is the ancient heritage of our ancestors. In modern times, as now, we could examine the natural medicines, so that we can know the content contained within it and use it.

To find the ant nest does not have to come to Papua. Now, many drug stores that sell these ants nest. So no need to pay too much and bother thinking about transport to Papua to get the ant nest. Unless you really want to visit there. For more information, you can visit here.